This arrangement was inspired by promises made to the hungry, the kind of promises politicians make to get votes. If you vote for me I’ll bring back your jobs and roll back all of your taxes and make all education free for your children. Promises that cannot be fulfilled.
The hungry do as they’re told for the promise of a better life but are left no better than they were. Read more

Three A.M.

Oil on Canvas | 38″ x 38″ | 2017 The twins are a year old now and no longer wake up three or four times during the night as they did when this painting was begun. It was my role to fetch them both (even if only one woke up) and deliver them to their mother for food. They had to be on the same schedule so she had to feed them together. Then I would take them, one atRead more

The Door Stop

Oil on Canvas | 24″ x 24″ | 2017 I live in a very old house with very crooked floors and hardly a door that stays shut without a heavy door stop to keep it from falling open whenever a mouse runs by and the floorboards creak and groan under its feet.Read more